a birthing hope day

Yesterday, Jane, Meredith, and I sorted and counted birthing kits that have come from all over the US.  It was exciting for us to lay our hands on items that so many folks have been a part of collecting.  Yesterday’s kit count included birthing kits and shipping contributions from:

Speedway Baptist Church, Speedway, IN

Gardner Webb College, NC

Leslie Wells’ group in Huntsville, AL

Lake Shore Baptist Church, Waco, TX

Courtney Baptist Church, Yadkinville, NC

First United Methodist, Pflugerville, TX

Thanks everybody!

We are in need of more kits.  We are also in need of individual items for kits.  

We’ve been thinking . . . could some of your churches have a Birthing Hope Sunday where each family or individual brings an item/or items from the kit?  Participants could all bring the same item or the list could be divided by last name.  (all folks with names ending with a – l, bring betadine; names ending with m – r, bring 4×4 gauze pads . . .etc.)  Items could be shipped unassembled.  

I’m including some pictures from yesterday.  We had a great time sorting.  It was a wonderful way to spend the holiday and our encouraged day of service.

Gather, deliver, improve,



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